My two boys make life easy

Being the single dad of several boys has never been simple.

I would venture a guess that it is one of the hardest jobs out there.

I did get fortunate. I got several incredibly smart plus capable boys who have made my life much easier. My oldest son is just like mom used to be. My son Barry runs the household. All of us constantly have a meal in the fridge, a fresh washroom plus cash for school supplies. This is so great plus Barry has been a constant source of help for me. My youngest son is just like me. Terry is not happy inside a home unless he is working on something. Terry helps me with the upkeep inside the house. Together Terry and I have fixed up the gas fireplace each year. All of us also set up all the window ACs right when Summer hits. Anything else that doesn’t work or won’t turn, either my son Terry or I does it. What’s entirely nice is that I am an Heating plus A/C business too, running my own Heating, Ventilation, plus cooling system outfit is taxing work. It also requires weird hours. My younger son is constantly down to ride along or do the repair tasks at the house. My son is good with Heating plus A/C machines just like me, from the time he was a little boy Terry was interested in HVAC ducts plus Heating plus A/C repair. Someday Terry is eventually going to take over the corporation for me.

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