New railing and a ramp for Mom

My mom fell and hurt her hip a few weeks ago.

She hasn’t been feeling very quickly and now it seems like she will not be able to live alone any longer.

My husband and I discussed all of our options and we decided to move my mom into our home. We had to make some changes, so Mom would be able to safely walk in and out of the house. We have a long driveway and a set of stairs at the base of the porch. My mom had trouble climbing the stairs before the accident. Keeping the stairs was not an option if Mom was moving into our home full-time. My husband called a friend who has a fencing and landscape company. The fencing company specializes in hand rails, ramps, and accessories for ADA members. He came over to our home and helped my husband plan and build a ramp and a handrail all the way from the bottom to the top. The ramp has a slow incline and a few places where my mom can stop and rest for a moment. The new ramp and railing could have been an expensive project, but my husband’s friend didn’t charge us anything for the help. The only thing we had to buy was the materials like wood, screws, and hardware. My mom is going to move in next weekend after she is released from the rehab center. She isn’t excited about giving up her independence. Even though my husband and I are looking forward to having her here with us, there will be a lot of new changes for everyone.


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