Playing lots of drums and cleaning furnace filters

I will write one more of these then take a leisurely ride to the shore to check out the action.

There is a patchwork party here this weekend and I care about seeing all of the older ladies happy about doing their thing.

It just warms my heart seeing people into something like that and I am cheerful for them for having something that they care about so much. It will be going on for three more mornings and I will float around in the tents and see what the fuss is all about. The local business is certainly tied up selling all of the supplies for the ladies and the tents are all set up with nice temperature control systems to ward off the afternoon time heat. I will go there soon and ride my bike around the tents to see how several people are out there this afternoon, I am sure it is going to be packed out there even at 10am, then the air conditioner units in the tents certainly blow the frigid air well and keep the tents comfy, cooling down the ladies while they buzz around with their patchwork supplies. I genuinely hope when I am older like that, which won’t be much longer, that I am all interested in some kind of craft like these ladies are. It seems that the outdated guys just sit around and drink corona in the air conditioned carona tents and wait for their wives. I would rather be in the tents having fun with patchwork than drinking a corona and looking at my watch.

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