Retiree interested in building management

Ever since I retired I have played around with real estate. By “play around” I mean I invest and I get involved, but never too much. If any one property or holding company goes belly up, I walk away just fine because I never put all my eggs in one basket. I do this not to make money, which is nice but not necessary, but because I live being involved with real estate. As of late I have been approached with more and more opportunities involving something I know nothing about. I suppose that a smart building is a much bigger version of a smart house, where everything is controlled by one central program or computer. I very much see how someone who specializes in access control system installation might be a niche job, but also be very in demand. I don’t always have to understand something through and through to know its a good idea, and getting involved with the growing industry of smart buildings is the way to go. Another investor I have been working with wants to expand past real estate and get into computer tech, because automated logic and commercial building control systems are growth industries. I agree with him, but unlike real estate something like business intelligence analytics is not something I can feel and touch. I love the world of building management, and I love the idea of building automation systems, but if I don’t have something physical to relate to, then it’s all about the money, and I don’t care about the money.


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