Shipping unit restaurant for an IT parking lot

My pop has always been so genuinely supportive of our dream to own a restaurant.

After all, I’m always the one doing all of the cooking for our family get-togethers.

I think our father initially thought that I would take over his private IT business one day. But, thankfully, he understood that I had to follow our own way in life. I started undoubtedly working at the very bottom and slowly worked our way up inside a large restaurant chain. Then I worked a few other locales before I finally decided to try a task at the IT business after all. No, not as an IT specialist. I decided to open up my own small restaurant on the IT business grounds, but my father was completely on board with it. After all, he does employ over 300 hungry people who might care about our cooking. There wasn’t room to open a full restaurant inside the IT building itself so I had to find an alternative. That was when I came across the idea of using shipping baskets for a restaurant. When I told our dad he wasn’t too keen on the idea. I think he thought it would look tawdry. That is until I showed him some pictures and also explained that they are called pop-up eateries and cafes in Japan. Shipping basket restaurants can look genuinely chic when they are done properly. I had mine done right and our shipping basket restaurant looks amazing. Better still, the food tastes amazing and I never have a lack of purchasers, and people are even coming in from other spots to eat our food. It is not just the IT people. Now I am thinking of getting some new shipping basket storage added on to our business. I need more room here!


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