Taking soccer team to a youth fitness class

I now need to work on my end of the deal

I got conned into being the head soccer coach for my son’s team. We are a small school and nobody wanted the job. If there is no coach, there is no team. My son begged me and the parents ganged up on me. I know next to nothing about soccer and how to coach a team. I decided that I am not going to be a bad coach though. I have been reading books, looking online and watching soccer to learn all I can. I have researched different drills to do and have consulted other coaches on what they do. First thing is I need to get my team fit. My brother owns a personal training gym that offers youth fitness. Typically this is for younger kids that struggle with weight loss. The personal trainer then just works with a few kids, giving them exercises to cut fat. I begged my brother to have a personal trainer take my whole soccer team and do a class. I got the team in for a ridiculously low cost and the training class has been great. My team loves working with the young college aged girl trainer. She is more than just pretty and good at keeping middle school boys attention. She has been giving them great cardio exercises to build stamina. She does a lot of partner work that has been making my team be closer. I now need to work on my end of the deal. This personal trainer is getting them in shape and being a team. So half the work is done already. I think I might keep them training all season.

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