The A/C on the second floor has been disappointing

Everyone should know that heat rises, but both of us had extra trouble with that this past Summer in our property.

Since the bedrooms in our beach property are on the top floor, both of us have to deal with the heat rising through the warm season.

The two of us ended up having a really sizzling summer, with the temperatures up in the high nineties for the majority of the summer. It was a hard Summer to be outside, that’s for certain. The two of us didn’t spend much time at the beach or at the pool this year merely because the temperature was too high for us to be out there most of the time. I remember thinking that our A/C bills were much more expensive this year than normal, & that’s not something I love paying, that’s for sure. The other thing was that even though the A/C bills seemed to be more expensive than normal, the bedrooms didn’t really seem to be cooling down especially well at night. Our central A/C equipment would run all night long, & yet both of us would be dripping with sweat & miserable in the bedrooms upstairs. I finally decided to give up & called the Heating, Ventilation, & A/C supplier that both of us do regular business with & they said that both of us honestly needed to install something called zone control heating & cooling in our property. That way, both of us could turn off the A/C equipment on the lower level at night but leave it turned on upstairs. I suppose that seemed like a superb plan to me at the time, but it hasn’t really helped us. I know both of us just need a superb outdated window component A/C.


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