The heat pump is silent

I could undoubtedly live with this weather year round.

  • The heat pump is silent, the sun is shining and the temperatures are just about perfect.

That’s undoubtedly my kind of winter. Too bad that it will be coming to an end before long. I just called the heating and air conditioning company to make my annual appointment for an air conditioning tune up. As soon as I see my truck covered in pollen, I know it’s time to call the heating and air conditioning professionals. While it may be some time yet before I need air conditioning all day, I’ll need it in spots before long. As a general practice, I like to wait as long as I can before I just leave the air conditioning on. When you’ve lived here as long as I have, acclimating to the heat and humidity is particularly the only way to go. So during the spring, I leave my windows open as much as possible in order to become more accustomed to the rising temperatures. But of course, we’ll have that random day when temperatures will soar and I may need a little air conditioning to cool down the home when I get home from work. This time of year is particularly all about preparing myself and my home for the heat and humidity that is coming. By June, weare in for weekly temperatures that hover near the 100 degree mark. Now is the time to make sure that my home is sealed up slim and my residential heating and air conditioning component is ready to go. The air conditioning tune up makes sure that my heat pump is not only ready for the load of air conditioning demand but is also running at its most efficient.