They actually did a really nice thing

I left the office in a hurry on Friday.

I was in the center of a conference call with several other regional branches, when my wife called to tell me about my daughter.

She was hanging out with some friends and they were climbing trees. My daughter lost her balance and fell on her arm. I left work immediately after receiving the call and I drove right to the hospital. I met my wife in the emergency room and then went to see our daughter. Luckily, the break wasn’t too bad. The doctor put a cast on her arm and she will not be able to use that area of her body for the next several weeks. In the meantime, my child will have to stay indoors and watch TV or play video games. She will not be able to go outside and do physical activities with her friends. I went back to the office the next day to retrieve some files I forgot. I also left my watch next to the ipad. The watch was a gift from my wife. When I did not see the watch, I immediately thought the cleaning crew stole it. I called the security staff to file a complaint against the cleaning crew. As soon as I mentioned my name, the security staff told me they had my watch. A member of the cleaning crew did find the watch on my desk. The cleaning lady thought it was important and decided to give it to security so it would not get lost or stolen. I assumed the cleaning lady stole my watch, and now I want to apologize.


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