Want the heater component to remain on



                Although Wintertime is my number one time of year, as far as the weather is concerned, it can also be quite hard to deal with.  Living in the extreme northern area of the country, can bring a lot of hard times while in the Wintertime. We get snowstorms that last for days and they can drop mountains of snow before stopping.  There are ice storms where you have a foot of ice on the ground, when it is finished. We have temperature that drop down to down less than twenty, and they can stay there for weeks at a time.

                  Yet, we know that as long as we have fantastic insulation and an excellent heating system, we can get through anything that Mother Nature throws at us.  Last year, we had numerous feet of snow. The snow was up over the windows, and a lot of people were having their roofs cave in. The key to keeping this from happening is having a high peak in the home roof.  It is the houses that have nearly flat roofs that the collapsing occurs. I have seen people outside shovelling their roofs while the snow is falling.

              The storm last year, left us all without power for multiple weeks.  Most people here have backup generators. We also have alternate furnaces so we can use the generator just for our lighting.  We have a fireplace and we were happy for the fireplace. We were able to keep the main rooms heated but we all slept in the residing room where the fireplace was. It was more like camping than a hardship.