Working on cutting the amount of dust in my home

If you want your lake house to be free of dust, you need to start with a few basics.

I don’t mean basics like sweeping, mopping and dusting. I have to clean homes from time to time and it doesn’t matter how good of a person you are. It doesn’t matter the products you use. Dust will come back no matter what. Mainly this is because we as people shed skin cells, drip perspiration, leave odors plus crumbs all over the arena. There is always little bits of dirt and debris in the house. So cleaning up with a broom or cleaners are not the best thing to do. If you have superb air vents, and a better than average air filter, you will find cleaning to be less of a task for you from time to time. Everyone hates dust and dirt. If you get a HEPA filter, this is less likely to go on. Then you would have to turn off the Heating, Ventilation, plus air conditioner method plus then wait for a few weeks before you would see the first buildup of dust on your floor. Here is the thing, dust is viewed as not a bad thing. They are just pieces of hair, dirt and cells to be swept up. Also the dust is mainly shed skin, which is something an air filter will gather in the freshening process, but get a better air filter for your lake house HVAC device! Do not cheap out and get a basic filter because then the apartment will be much dirtier than it should.

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